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Compact introduction to

Solution Focused Organisation Development & Design

(Two day workshop)

Organisational change and transformation does not have to be painful and sweaty: only if we are looking at it from a mechanistic point of view and searching to fix problems and change the way we work together with big change programs. Changing your point of view- your mindset- you will be able to see the whole picture differently and your role in the organizational evolution too. 

This workshop is practice based: built on real life case studies of the facilitator and of the participants. Bring the challenges of the organization you are working for or with, and apply the solution focused ODD approach and tools straight out of the workshop. 


Participating in the workshop will give you:

  • a clear understanding of what Organisation Development and Design is (what is the difference and the  connection between Transformation, Re-Organisation and Re-Design, Culture Development, Leadership Development). 

  • confidence using the SF approach to take change and development into a new dimension and make it fun and full of lightness, so you can forget big A to B Transformations and Change Management 

  • put all the traditional ODD tools into a new perspective

  • have a clear picture what might be the next step for the organisation you are bringing in as a case study


The workshop is multi-lingual: we will use English as the common language, but you will be able to use in small group work your own language. 



Daniel Meier is the Owner and Managing-Founder at Solutionsurfers®. He has trained more than 3000 Coaches in the solution-focused coaching method and wrote several books on this topic. 

Daniel works with Executive Teams and is a worldwide acting facilitator of solutions-focused OD Programs.

Elvira Kalmar is the Founder of the Go Beyond project and has 20 years experience as an internal and external OD&D practitioner and as an HR leader in the international environment. She has chaired the Hungarian OD Association and the European Organization Design Forum, and supported start-ups, small and medium size companies in their growth as well as many corporate re-structuring, mergers, transformations and re-designs. 

They together are likely to create a unique, light and at the same time intense learning space.

Go Beyond




Daniel Meier and Elvira Kalmar


Solutionsurfers LAB Lucerne


March 6-7th, 2020


CHF 890.- CHF covers the whole course, all workshop documents and light refreshments. For accommodation in Lucerne please contact Dunja Wicki (


Free Info Webinar

In this free interactive webinar you will encounter what solution focused Organisation Design & Development is about and also discover how you and your company can benefit from our Programs.​

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