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We are happy to introduce you the facilitator of the Go Beyond programs: Elvira Kalmar who was trained to become an SF coach and teamcoach at SolutionSurfers Hungary, and who combined her SF values with her ODD work and leadership style in the past 10 years. 

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I am a passionate believer that we all can contribute to make our lives, companies and society better. I consider myself a cosmopolitan European, who wants to contribute to a better society by creating meaningful work(places).  

I have collected my experience as an internal and external organisation design consultant as well as an organisation and community development practitioner. I have more than 20 years experience in developing non-profit organisations, start-ups, small and medium size businesses, multinational companies and professional communities. I have chaired the Hungarian OD Association for 4 years and the European Organisation Design Forum for two years. I also have been the founder of two companies myself: Maidan Consulting and KAPTAR (an award winning Co-working place in Budapest, Hungary). 

I have an extensive HR and internal OD experience gathered as Head of People and Organisation Development  at Magyar Telekom – the major ICT and telecommunications provider in Hungary- I was responsible for the renewal of the Culture, Leadership and Organisation Development and Change, People Development, Talent Development and the Performance Motivation System. 


With the Go Beyond Project we have created a training program to equip in company and external consultants with the solution focused OD tools, but I am also supporting clients directly in their company evolution. 

I enjoy developing people, teams and organisations by supporting them to reach their next envisioned step by aligning their structure, processes and human systems with their purpose and strategy. My work is value-driven, participative, appreciative, solution and resource focused.

I take every opportunity to talk about the importance of organisation design and how the solution focused way of it makes change and transformations light, easy and energizing. 



We present at Conferences, Meet-ups, video series to talk about the knowledge we believe should be a competency at every organisation. Some of the recordings we have collected in our Resources page. Follow us on Social Media to hear about the next events where you can meet with us. 


I am a passionate speaker about the topic of work and organisation evolution, and the role of HR in it. 

Here we have collected the events and topics I have had the honor to be invited to talk about in front of smaller and larger audiences during the last year representing the Go Beyond Project: 

  • We are all designers- organisation design basics for HR people to understand complexity and change in organisations, in Rumania, Bucharest - a one day workshop for HR people 

  • Holacracy on HR? - HR Fest 2019 Budapest, Hungary- a case presentation of my team’s journey to self-organising: tips and tricks how to start experimenting with it - I have a blogpost in also on the website about this 

  • Let's talk about...Transformations, Lucerne, Switzerland, 2019- meet-up for HR professionals and Business Leaders 

  • At the Budapest Chamber of Commerce - for company owners, Executives and Consultants, 2019-2020: 

    •  What is beyond Hierarchy? - why adaptability and agility is important and what makes a company agile?

    •  Adaptive/agile organisations- how to design for adaptivity? 

    •  The role of mentoring in developing small companies and their people

  •  At the Innovative HR solutions meet-ups, Budapest- for HR Directors and OD professionals : 

    •  Solution focused change management: the move and culture change of company with 8500 employees

    •  HR beyond Hierarchy: What is the role of HR to support companies becoming more adaptive and agile? 

  • At the Service Design Day 2019, Budapest- Service Design Professionals: 

    • Service Design and Organisation Design walk hand in hand- keynote presentation

    • Breaking Silos- building learning communities- case presentation of my OD work at Magyar Telekom- interactive workshop

  • Goal Setting: using OKRs to support self organisation for Telenor Global in-company presentation for internal Change Leaders 

  • Designing Agile teams and collaborative ways of working- creating self-organising in a Solution Focused way, EODF annual conference, 1 day pre-conf workshop, London, 2019

  • EODF meet-ups Budapest, 2019, for HR and OD professionals: 

    •  The role of Purpose in organisations

    •   The role of Strategy in Org. Design: case presentation of a redesign

  • Hatching the secret of a good company culture, The Scale-Up Fest, 2020, Budapest, Hungary- for Sturt-up Founders, owners, investors

  • Shall we implement or evolve into Agility? - Agile Community of Practice, 2020- online conference

  • Innovation and Organisation Design are the keys to adaptivity- Service Design Day 2020 online conference

  • How dos the design of your company allow adaptation and what is the role of HR in it? - with Paul D. Tolchinsky and Emanuelle Quintarelly- HR FEST 2020 online conference​​

  • Solution Focused Tool in creating meaningful workplaces- ExperieneceCon 2021online conference

  • How does Solution Focused coaching support individual, team and company evolution- Dublin North Agile

  • Agile Transformation with an Agile Process- HR Fest Telco, IT, Satratup online conference 2021

  • ODD during Pandemics- Hungarian OD Association meet-up 2021

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