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Elvira Kalmar @SF Leadership Summit 30th October 2021

Supporting Fast Business Transformation With High Impact Solution Focused Approach

This is a 7 minute exert from the 1 hour interview with Kenneth Kwan about:

  • What is SF Organisation Development and Design and how is it different than the traditional OD approaches?

  • How is this approach supporting company evolution instead of big transformations, in the times when continuous and fast adaptation is needed?

  • In this talk, I will share how leaders can be empowering and energizing instead of change managing: How can short interventions create long lasting impact with some case examples supporting it.

The whole interview is available when you buy Lifetime Access for 2021's Summit for 197 USD. It includes all 17 Talks with the most prominent names of the solution focused community, so you can revisit your favorit speakers over and over again when you need it most.

Elvira Kalmar @SfiO Down Under on May 25, 2021How can transformation happen fast and with lightness? - hosted by Annette Grey

Elvira Kalmar @ExperienceCon - Customer Experience conference on March 11, 2021

Solution Focused Tools to create meaningful and fulfilling workplaces


 We have created a series of short discussions with prominent organisation design and HR professionals around the Globe about the changing role of HR and organisation design in supporting companies adapting fast in the fast changing environment. 


Stelio Verzera (IT-ES) - Elvira Kalmar: 

What makes an organisation adaptive- what makes HR adaptive? 

Peter Turgoose (UK) - Elvira Kalmar: 

Why and when do we have to change our services' strategic positioning- How do we notice and how do we redesign fast?

Paul D. Tolchinsky (USA) - Elvira Kalmar: 

Why and how to build the hierarchy of Purposes instead of the hierarchy of People?

Daniel Meier (CH) - Elvira Kalmar: 

How can we use the power of recognition in highly adaptive times?

​​Emanuele Quintarelli (IT) - Elvira Kalmar: 

Changing organisations: the human centric organisation modell- What is the role of it in adaptation and evolution?

​​Simone Cicero (IT) - Elvira Kalmar: 

Changing organisations: platform based organisations - What is the role of HR in them?  

​​Jacopo Romei (IT) - Elvira Kalmar: 

Changing organisations: Smart contract and extreme contracts- What should HR be prepared for? 

​​Roxana Mocanu (RO) - Elvira Kalmar: 

Changing organisations: Learning and development re-thought- The power of mentoring rediscovered

Perry Timms (UK) - Elvira Kalmar: 

Changing organisations: The changing role of HR- What does Transformational HR mean? 

Emanuele Quintarelli (IT) - Paul D. Tolchinsky (USA) - Elvira Kalmar: 

How is Org. Design different in different types of orgaisations and the role of HR in these?-

How can we improve productivity/efficiency by digitalization? 

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