Become an expert in (continuous) Transformations!

Solution Focused Organisation Development and Design

(10 residential days)

In this course you will discover the essential success factors of catalyzing evolution of workplaces and communities.  With the surprisingly new mindset together with the simple and straightforward methods of the solutions focused approach you get the instruments to be able to support your surrounding with a visible difference. This training will enable you to see the organisation's aspects in their complexity while getting simple straightforward tools how best to nurture them.

You are…

an in-company (r)evolutionist, (team, community, department) leader, HR person, coach, consultant and you are busy to read and experiment with new ways of working together, or see day-by-day the potential of your company, team, client, and would like to take an active role in shaping it. 

In this 10 residential day in depth training you will work with real life case studies and you will have the opportunity to work on your own case as well as to learn from the other participants' cases.

You will…

  1. gain a better understanding of the different ways of working together (hierarchical, agile, responsive, open company, liquid organization, platform based and even more types of co-operation)

  2. be able to see trough complexity by understanding the relationships between structures and culture, technical and social systems and ways of catalyzing evolution

  3. have tools that help you approaching organisations (by organisations we mean any cooperation between humans in order to create something together)  from the solution focused, organic, evolutionary approach. 


a  Leader:

by equipping yourself with practices that enables you to lead your (even temporary) team to create high energy and high performance with highly engaged team members. You will also understand and will be confident to navigate through company complexity by understanding the dynamics of work and company evolution. 

an HR Professional:

you will be able to strengthen the position of HR and take more of a leading rather then supporting role in the company evolution. You will also be equipped with tools to facilitate this evolution and to use the HR tools in a more conscious way with a lot more impact. 


a Cross Company Project or Topic leader:

you will get tried and tested tools that will support you to build up your topic/project step-by-step company wide and to create a virtual team around your topic that has a long-term engagement towards the topic in order to have a more visible impact even if you do not have a team assigned to you. 

a Coach:

you support individuals and teams and you will be able to navigate and re-frame situations by understanding the complex company environment and its dynamics with the evolutionary point of view. You can also broaden your portfolio and take on more confidently wider focused projects. 

a Consultant:

you will be able to refresh your tools, practices and offer refreshingly new viewpoints into organizational change, transformation that will make change management seem really old school. We will go through different methodologies you can approach transformations and you become more confident in choosing the right approach fitting your clients needs. 

a Company or Organisation:

having people in your Organisation who are equipped besides their passion with the contemporary tools and practices you will be able to enhance change, evolution, adaptation in order to drive your business more successful, have your employees being more engaged and fulfill your Purpose with ease and fun while creating meaningful work-places. 


MODULE 1 (2 residential days): SF ODD and the Importance of Focus on the Individual in Organisations

Build on existing competencies, bring your own case and discover how you can catalayse evolution: 

  • understand the basic ODD concepts and see them from a new angle

  • re-fresh or learn the basic principles of solution focused work with organisations

  • start where you can make a difference from tomorrow

  • get tools that create energy, engagement and make your people grow

MODULE 2 (2 residential days): Creating and Leading High Energy and High Performing Self-Organising Teams

Harvest the good examples of working with teams and collect practical tools

  • how to support creating a great team culture

  • how on-boarding, engagement, learning can get get a new meaning 

  • what does it mean to support the evolution of teams into self-management

  • what is behind the agile practices and ceremonies

MODULE 3 (2 residential days): Exploring the Ways We Can Organise Ourselves 

Dig deeper into the opportunities of supporting the work evolution by

  • understanding the core believes and company structures and how they influence culture

  • exploring the trends moving work towards a more adaptive way of organising ourselves

  • discover the role of Purpose and what is beyond Agile, Holacracy, the Responsive, the Liquid, the Open and the Platform based Organisation (the list can be further developed together)

MODULE 4 (2 residential days): Catalysing Work and Company Evolution 

Explore the different ways we can have an impact on company, community and work evolution by

  • understanding how a complex system can change and how that change can be energizing 

  • exploring how the different ODD tools with a solution focused mindset work in a different way

  • gain confidence in using these tools by having the eye which tool is useful when

  • start experimenting and creating a movement in your work environment

MODULE 5 (2 residential days): The Future is Now 

Deepen your practice and impact by sharing how you and as a result your work environment evolved

  • reflecting and sharing about your journey in your self development

  • looking behind the curtains of the program and discovering how the experience shapes our actions

  • share and learn from learning groups and their journey

  • enjoy the feedback you get from your learning partners


Between each module there will be online interactive meetings in small learning groups to support real life work and learning between sessions. 



Elvira Kalmar with 20 years experience as an OD&D practitioner and leader of different self-organising teams in the international environment is likely to create a unique, light and at the same time intense learning space.



The  residential days will take place in Lucerne (CH)

Module 1 (2 days residential): 22./23. January 2021

Online workshop 1: 2 hours small group work. Date and time tbd.

Module 2 (2 days residential): 19./20. February 2021

Online workshop 2: 2 hours small group work. Date and time tbd.

Module 3 (2 days residential): 5./6. March 2021

Online workshop3: 2 hours small group work. Date and time tbd.

Module 4 (2 days residential): 28./29. May 2021

Online workshop 4: 2 hours small group work. Date and time tbd.

Module 5 (2 day residential): 2./3. July 2021

We will work on every first day from 09.00 am till 05.30 pm. Second day the course will finish at 04.00 pm.

In case of travel or workshop restrictions we are fully prepared to go online!


The program is multinational and multi-lingual: the language of the program is English and high German, but in the small group work you are encouraged to use your favorite language. 


CHF 5'730.- covers the whole course, all workshop documents and light refreshments.

For accommodation in Lucerne please contact Dunja Wicki (info@solutionsurfers.com)


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