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Solution Focused HR tools for truly engaging work(places)

(one day workshop)

Attracting the right workforce is a challenge in all industries and there is more and more pressure on HR to come up with the magical magnet to bring real talent into organizations. Currently Employer Branding is one of the most talked about topic in HR circles and companies are spending wast amounts on PR agencies to create an attractive Brand for themselves. If you are ready to have your mindset challanged - after this workshop you will be able to see the whole picture differently and HR's role in the organizational evolution too. 

This workshop is practice based: built on real life case studies of the facilitator and of the participants. Bring the challenges of the organization you are working for and apply the solution focused ODandD approach and tools straight out of the workshop. 


Participating in the workshop will give you:

  • a clear understanding of what are the underlaying aspects influencing your Employer Brand

  • an ability to investigate how the design of your company influences its culture and performance

  • a clear overview how many different ways there are to develop or transform a company and how choosing the right process can influence Employee Experience positively

  • understanding how your current HR systems are supporting your company adaptability and flexibility

  • confidence using the SF approach to take culture and Organization Development into a new dimension

  • have a clear picture what might be the next step for the organization you are bringing in as a case study


The workshop is multi-lingual: we will use English as the common language, but you will be able to use in small group work your own language. 





Elvira Kalmar with 20 years experience as an OD&D practitioner and an HR leader in the international environment is likely to create a unique, light and at the same time intense learning space.

Go Beyond 

Employer Branding



Elvira Kalmar


Solutionsurfers LAB Lucerne


3rd July 2020


CHF 490.-  / One day Workshop (incl.snacks)
Lunch is at the expense of the participants.


Free Info Webinar

In this free interactive webinar you will encounter what solution focused Organisation Design & Development is about and also discover how you and your company can benefit from our Programs.​

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