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Compact introduction to Solution Focused leadership tools

towards self-organisation

(One day workshop)


This one day workshop offers you hands-on practices that support developing self-managing teams and understanding what is beyond the agile practices and ceremonies. 

It is practice based: built on real life case studies of the facilitator and of the participants. Bring the challenges you are facing weather just preparing to go agile, being in the process or ready to draw the learnings from the first attempts. 


Participating in the workshop will give you:

  • a clear understanding of the leaders responsibility in preparing a self-managing team 

  • confidence in using the solution focused mindset and leadership tools 

  • put all the agile practices and ceremonies into a new perspective

  • have a clear picture what might be the next step for you on your own journey as a leader 


The workshop is multi-lingual: we will use English as the common language, but you will be able to use you high-German al the time and in small group work your own language. 

Solution Focused Leadership Tools towards 



 An intense 3 hour interactive Webinar with a case presentation and small group work about a journey towards self-oraganisation.

We focus on this topic on a team level- so as a leader you can equip yourself with a mindset and tools you can start using in any organisation right after the session. 


6th March, 2020

9:00-12:00 CET

Places are limited!




Elvira Kalmar with 20 years experience as an OD&D practitioner and leader of different self-organising teams in the international environment is likely to create a unique, light and at the same time intense learning space.


7 February, 2019


Elvira Kalmar


Solutionsurfers LAB, Lucerne

Go Beyond Agile


CHF: 490.-The fee covers the training and the refreshments. 

Lunch is at the expense of the participants.

For an in-company event please contact us for special pricing. 


Free Info Webinar

In this free interactive webinar you will encounter what solution focused Organisation Design & Development is about and also discover how you and your company can benefit from our Programs.​

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