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Training Programs

Become an expert in (continuous) Transformations and an internationally certified OD Professional!

Our Native in Change training program will equip you with all the necessary tools and technics to bring out the greatness of organisations in a surprisingly refreshing way, with superior ease and sustainable impact.

It is a must have knowledge in times of continuous adaptation!

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Become a work (r)evolutionist.

During this 10 day interactive online program you will dive deep into Solution Focused Organisation Development and Design to be able to support companies in their sustainable adaptation and evolution.


This sounds interesting but what is exactly Solution Focused Organisation Development and Design? How can it be useful at my company and at my clients? Meet us on one of our free webinars about it and ask about the course as well. 



Our purpose is to develop our participants' confidence and competency of creating meaningful and valuable ways of working together - in a surprisingly light and refreshing new way.

We are merging the contemporary knowledge of the Organisation Development and Design practice with a solution- and resource-focused approach to equip you with all the tools you need to support the work (r)evolution. 



Whether you look for sustainable progress for your own improvement, in leadership, designing change processes or in consulting-work: to encourage the elegant lightness in designing space for surprisingly easy progress is our specialty since 1997, when we started our first solution-focused Coach-Training Program in Switzerland.

With the Go Beyond Project we are offering new Programs besides Brief Coaching: you can further develop your Organisation Development and Design skills to support transformation projects in companies with lightness and appreciation. 

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